I. Prior registration

A. Non-refundable: EUR 200 application processing fee or the entrance processing fee

B. Refundable: 100% all other payments.


II. After registration

1.    There is no refund.

2.    Special consideration: part of the tuition fee can be refunded if the studies are interrupted due to the death of a parent / guardian, or due to a military service obligation.

The refund is applicable from the first day of the month after reporting one of the above events, and submitting official documentary evidence.

                        A. Non-refundable:

EUR 800 tuition fee,

EUR 200 application processing fee or the entrance processing fee,

EUR 250 registration fee.


B. Refundable: proportionate costs are refundable according to the refund policy described above.

C. After the first month no refund can be claimed


3.    Students are not entitled to a refund of the tuition fee if they are obliged to discontinue their studies for academic or disciplinary reasons.